The dredded C word.

I write this post with not one awful disease on my mind but two.

Whilst I thought there couldn’t be a year worse than 2020 it turns out I was quite wrong about that.

As the unbearable headaches kicked in and coughing took over it wasn’t long before I was receiving this text message:

So now I write this post from my bed thinking about my freedom once I’ve recovered. What a terrible time we live in at the moment!

The reason for my post today is actually to talk about something a little more sad.

In January I signed up to an event to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. It’s called the Winter Run and it normally takes place in London.

My goal is to hit 100km in January by walking and running as much as possible. With a two week isolation slapped on me, it’s slowed progress but I’m still well on track for smashing it!
At the start of this year I ran my first ever 10k. I wasn’t supposed to run so far as the event isn’t until February 7th! I thought I would need more training.

Unfortunately, that day my grandad lost his ongoing battle to cancer. It reminded me of all the other people I have also known and lost to cancer.

I set out and ran for as long as I could before the ice stopped me in my tracks.

I may have done the run early but this was still a massive achievement for me as less than a year ago I couldn’t even run for 5 minutes!

I’m continuing to raise money for Cancer Research and will be doing a number of events virtually throughout the year.

If you’d like to support me or make a donation please take a look at my fundraising page here:

Virtual Winter Run Sponsor Me

I really do appreciate any sponsorship or words of encouragement. It keeps me going and provides hope that we can beat this!

My race date is February 7th and once I’ve recovered from coronavirus I’ll be slowly building myself up again to get out there. I really do miss it!

Thanks for reading.

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