A world without travel

In this current world we are living in the only option is staying local.

Here in the UK, international travel was made illegal a couple of months ago. Illegal! Can you actually believe that?

Of course it’s to be expected given the circumstances, however who would have ever thought it would get to this stage?

Less than a year ago we were all minding our own business, mentioning covid-19 in conversation but never really realising the impact it was about to have on our lives. For some of us, it would turn our world upside down!

I work in the travel industry and I’ve gone from selling holidays for a living to answering questions about coronavirus, ones that I’m not qualified to answer, on a daily basis.

It has been hard and hard is an understatement.

BUT, that light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and we are so close to getting back to normality!

This week, in the UK, children went back to school. By the end of this month, outdoor facilities will open, we can play sport again and next month we can even start meeting our friends again. June 21st is the date they are hoping to lift all restrictions. I’ve no idea if that will happen but we can only hope and stay positive.


As a keen traveller internationally and even around the UK, this year has been tough.

We’ve had our movement restricted in a way never thought possible and all for our own safety. I never thought I’d be seeing an announcement like this on my monthly travel breakdown:

Last month, we couldn’t go anywhere. So here’s something I might never see again on my timeline, more time spent on my feet than by car or plane.

And I’ve never seen such a grounded map for me.

In fact, the only reason I even left West Yorkshire was to travel to my grandads funeral. Who sadly lost his life as a result of the effects of covid-19.

Without that trip, my car miles would be close to 0.


During lockdown, the key to keeping our itchy feet grounded and our wandering minds fulfilled is to keep ourselves stimulated.

So I have been keeping busy with local travel, new activities like dancing and craft work but overall just taking this time to appreciate being in good health.

Having covid back in January allows me to relate slightly to how bad the illness can actually be, and I didn’t even have it bad! I am grateful to be here and healthy and unfortunately can’t say the same for everyone.

But we will get through this storm soon, be out with our family and friends and once again exploring that beautiful world out there that is waiting for us.

So I’m writing this today so that my future self can be reminded of a time that we were grounded. We couldn’t hop on a train to a new city. Jump on a boat for fun. Book a cheap plane ticket to explore a new part of the world we’ve not been to before. We’ve ultimately, lost our freedom. Thankfully, only temporary! I am so certain, that we will come out of this as stronger people and with a new appreciation for everyday life. Including a whole new appreciation for the places we will now be free to visit.

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  1. Tough times aren’t they? Seems like we’ve been in lockdown forever and it’s going to be a while before we get anywhere near normal again. Hopefully the numbers keep dropping and we can all start to plan getaways again very soon.

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