Autumn walk around Chellow Dene Reservoir

Lockdown 2.0 is here! So it’s time for those local walks again.

Despite technically being from Bradford and living quite literally on the border in Leeds, there are far too many areas of Bradford I’ve never visited. So today was no exception.

Meet Chellow Dene Reservoir! I’ve never been here in my life but I found the place by googling reservoirs in Yorkshire. They are normally a good call for dog walks. I wasn’t wrong on this occasion either!

Chellow Dene Entrance

You’ll find Chellow Dene just outside of Bradford City centre. It has its own car park that can be found on Google Maps using ‘Chellow Dene Car Park’ or BD15 9LL. There are few spaces so you need to be lucky but the car park is free and a good starting point for the walk.

If you’re new to my blog you may not know that we have a Husky Cross Romanian mountain dog so she loves her big walks. You’ll get about an hour walking around the reservoir and there is plenty of woodland for muddy paws to explore. Of course she loved it as usual.

Newkee happy as always on her dog walk

The walk is circular and will take you around and above the reservoir with far reaching views that look across it.

Chellow Dene Reservoir

The place is very pretty, especially on a sunny autumn day like we had!

Below you can see the route and the distance of the walk. If you want to extend the distance there is actually a golf course just above the reservoir. We did start walking up here but turned back when we wanted to cut the walk short so I’m sure you could definitely rack up the step count should you wish!

Whilst it was pretty muddy from all the weather we’ve been having this autumn, it was really great to see some blue sky’s. Autumn has always been my favourite season and it’s good to be able to enjoy it even if we might be on lockdown yet again!

So if you’re looking for a new walk in Yorkshire why not try a trip to Chellow Dene.

Visited Chellow Dene Reservoir November 2020


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