I’ve lost my blogging mojo!

During lockdown and in the midst of the pandemic I’ve found no motivation to blog at all. At the beginning I enjoyed writing about local areas but then it just escaped me! A new found love for fitness and trying new experiences such as yoga and running has stolen a lot of my time. I even got into reading again. Writing completely slipped off my hobbies list!

Anyone else finding that?

I’m hoping to get back into it slowly by posting about a couple of the places I’ve visited over the last few months and hopefully where I plan to visit over the next 2 months. Fingers crossed the trips go ahead!

Today we went berry picking on a local walk with Newkee so here are a couple of photos from today’s wet walk. Hopefully I’ll have something a little more exciting to write about should everything go to plan for my birthday next week.

But for now, some bramble foraging!

Of course what is the point in berry picking if you don’t turn it into something delicious…

All thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. I would definitely not be able to make a crumble. He is the best ๐Ÿ’•


  1. Crumble looked awesome Sophie. Bet there wasn’t any left over! Not surprising that you’ve lost the blogging mojo, so difficult to find stuff to write about at the moment when nothing seems to be happening. Just enjoy the break I suppose and come back when you’re ready and you’ve found that spark again.


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