Easing out of lockdown

Well coronavirus is still around but we can feel a little bit of normality coming back into our lives. But still, I haven’t posted for months! Oops.

I guess I’ve just not really done much worth posting about if I’m honest. This strange period of our lives has been a time of reflection for me and whilst I’ve not stopped working the whole time, I’ve had a chance to learn what is important to me.

Now the big birds are back in the sky again it looks like it’s time to start thinking about flying again!

Next month I turn 30 and whilst I’ve not had chance to do all the things I had planned leading up to it, I still have plenty to look forward to.

This weekend I’m heading back to Wales to go glamping again. The same place we went to in January only this time with lockdown rules meaning unfortunately mostly everything will be closed. I guess we will have to find plenty of walking trails.

For my actual birthday we were meant to be over in Spain but I cancelled it due to everything going on at the moment. Instead we will be going somewhere in the UK. Any suggestions?

I’ve got into my fitness again during lockdown and I’ve been heading out running most days. It’s such a great way of seeing the local area or even anywhere new! I can’t wait to get a chance to go on some new running trails.

What have you been upto this summer?


  1. Welcome back Sophie. It’s been a weird year so far hasn’t it but looks like things are slowly getting a little more normal. Glamping sounds great. There are so many brilliant places to visit all over England so lack of flights isn’t too big a deal plus the summer seems good so far.


    • It really has been strange. Everytime I think things might be getting closer to normal again, something changes. Looking forward to the year just being done with so we can start again fresh πŸ˜…

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