A weekend in sunny Benidorm!

Well last weekend was a little different for me, I went to a destination I never thought I’d visit. Famous for boozy Brits and tack is Spains finest – Benidorm!

Enjoying the beautiful blue sky’s and beaming sunshine, we had a great time. Definitely didn’t want to come home to storm Dennis and all the nasty weather we’ve had since!

So Benidorm wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Besides the weather being great, there was plenty for us to do. We didn’t even have time to do the hikes that I wanted to do because we kept our days busy exploring the town instead. (Yes there are hikes in Benidorm and yes I will go back and do them!)

We started our first night walking around old town as we arrived pretty late in the evening. It was nice and quiet and a great time to enjoy some of the architecture at night.

We even saw some filming taking place on a cordoned off beach. Wonder what it was for?

Our first day we spent walking along the beach stopping in some of the bars and enjoying the warm sun. There looked to be so many places to eat and drink and a great environment to be in. We had lunch at a party pub singing along to typical British tunes.

We decided to spend the day relaxing and planned to go see some tribute bands on the evening around the new town. That’s the beauty of Benidorm, lots of cheese and a great nightlife. You can see anyone you want to! In our case, we saw Ed Sheeran, Abba, Tina Turner, Elvis, Take That and more all in one night!

We even had the pleasure of sitting in Neptune’s, the place where they filmed Benidorm the British TV sitcom.

Feeling a little fragile the next day we decided to take a stroll along the beach in the opposite direction. If you ever visit Benidorm you’ll be able to see the contrast between the two sides. Where you’ve got the new town and loud bars on one end of the walk, you’ve got all the Spanish cafes and locals homes at the other end.

Granted it’s very quiet and there is not much at the other end, we had a nice stroll and it’s good to get away from the noise sometimes. We had lunch along the front and walked right to the end to look back towards Benidorm.

It’s a nice peaceful walk and gets quieter the further you get towards the end. I’d recommend the stroll if you are wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Whilst we did nothing in Benidorm but wander around, eat and drink. It was perfect. I would go back there in an instant and most definitely will over the next few years.

We stayed in a great little hotel named Esmerelda Beach Hotel. It gets the worst reviews on TripAdvisor yet the food was lovely, the balcony with a sea view was perfect and the price was an absolute bargain! Can’t go wrong for the location.

I used to say I would never go to Ibiza. I thought I’d hate it. Then in 2017 I was invited there with a friend and it opened my eyes to the fact that places aren’t as they are described by others. That you need to make your own mind up. So when visiting Benidorm I went there with the same tainted opinion that people had given me only to find that I loved it and once again got to be pleasantly surprised. That’s why I’m now open to visiting anywhere!

Visited Benidorm in February 2020.


  1. Your beautiful photos have taken me by surprise. I believed the media hype and always vowed I’d never go to Benidorm – but now I can see that there is a completely different side to it. It’s now firmly on my list of must-visit places.


    • Aw that’s really good that my post has made me feel like you’d like to visit! I’ve definitely heard from people that it’s very different in season so I think going in February really helped but there is certainly beauty in all corners of the world πŸ™‚

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  2. Been a couple of times for the day and it’s quite a nice place to be honest, everywhere has it’s dodgy areas doesn’t it? Lovely beach and so many places to eat and drink, great for a night out. Lovely photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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