A tribute to all those who fell on 9/11

I remember exactly where I was on September 11th 2001 and I’m sure you do too.

I can’t believe it has been 17 years since the tragic event that changed life as we know it.

Since then I have visited New York many times and seen the Freedom Tower go from nothing to the tallest building in the USA. Standing tall making a statement. 541.3m is the height of One World Trade Center and what an incredible structure it is.


It was August 2011 the first time I visited New York. Nearing the 10 year mark. At the time there was a freedom tower in progress and the place was a construction site.


Standing around and taking in the moment it was then that the door of the fire station came up and the firemen prepared to head out on another call. As this happened people started to clap and cheer. It was a moment I got caught up in and one of the most emotional things I’ve ever witnessed.


There was a memorial and tribute in honour of those that died that fatal day. The place lined with flowers as people pay their respects.



In 2013 I returned to see the nearly completed freedom tower. What an incredible sight it is and what a beautiful memorial. Amazing how quickly this was able to grow between my visits.



Finally, in 2015 I spent 6 hours of my day walking around The National September 11 Memorial & Museum. I could have spent longer in there if it wasn’t closing. I also got to see the top of the tower.. Although not so much on a cloudy winters day.


Places like this aren’t tourist attractions they are pieces of history that open your eyes to something that changed everything. Just like Auschwitz in Poland, The Killing Fields in Cambodia and Pearl Harbour in Hawaii. I go to these places to pay my respects and to remind me that this happened and I should appreciate the life I have.

I wrote this post yesterday on September 11th 2018. My condolences to all those that lost somebody that day and were effected by this tragedy x

*All photographs taken by me on various trips


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