How well do you know your own country?

Since returning back to England from my 2 weeks travelling central Europe I’ve been thinking about what I can do next.

It’s difficult being back at work where you’re in a routine of endless 5-6 day working weeks waiting for your annual leave to refresh so you can book another trip.

It got me thinking.. If I can get up early in a morning whilst i’m away travelling, walk around all day (even climb mountains) then return to my hostel verging on midnight. Why can’t I do this when i’m back home?

We get in to this stupid routine where we wake up before 8am, head to work for 9, lunch at 1, finish past 5 then it’s head home, cook dinner, sit in front of the TV then head for bed.

It’s so SAMEY!

Sometimes i’ll mix it up a bit with a jog, dinner with friends or a session at the gym but it just doesn’t feel like enough! I am so bored of the same routine, feels like time is just passing by.

So I want to do more with my everyday life and explore more of my own country and home surroundings.


So this poses the question, how much of your own country have you seen?

I have explored my fair share of Yorkshire but now that I work in the travel industry and talk to customers from all over the UK, it dawns on me that I have no idea where a lot of places are in the country!

Not only do I not know where they are but I’ve never even been close to them. Then there are some cities that I can find on a map but do not know them and I want to know them, Bristol, Brighton, Plymouth, Chester and Cambridge to name a few…

I need to branch out in my home country of United Kingdom and even in my county of Yorkshire.

All the hiking I did in Austria had me feeling like I should do more with my time during my home life and that I should stop having my days revolve around work.

This post is just me thinking out loud here. I’ve been listening to a travel podcast lately that has been very inspiring and it really has me thinking about the way I’m living my life. I want the same feeling of achievement that I get when I’m travelling, more often.

This will probably be one of my goals for next year but even starting now I’m going to try branch out a little more.

So how do you spend your time during the week? Are you the same or do you get out and about exploring your home land? I’d love to hear your views on ways of making the most of your time!

Also if anyone has any recommendations on places to visit anywhere in the UK i’d love to hear them!



  1. So many people don’t know their own countries do they? There are so many different places to see in the UK that you could spend the rest of your life exploring. Just need to plan weekends away near and far.


    • Yes definitely, I normally do something different at weekends anyway but I want to start doing things midweek too! There are so many beautiful places in the UK, if the weather was better we’d never go abroad!

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