Finding that inner peace

We all have our guilty pleasures.

Something you find yourself taking for granted when you travel solo and it’s not until you go away with friends that you realise what you are missing.

I am an absolute sucker for parks and definitely guilty of spending too much time in them.

I eat lunch in the park. Sleep in the park. Read in the park. Sunbathe in the park. Walk and take photos in the park. Blog in the park (Of course I’m in the park right now) Just generally get lost in the park!

Sad Janka Park – Slovakia

Whilst I have loved going away with friends over the last 12 months it’s just not the same as the relaxation I feel when travelling solo. On your own you have your own schedule and you can spend as long or as little as you like somewhere.

When I reach a new city I look on the map for the biggest green space and I can spend hours here. Today it’s only been 120 minutes so far so not a new record just yet! I think Boston holds that one.

I love nature and flowers so a park definitely allows me to be completely at peace and I feel no stress here. I’m lucky to live in Yorkshire, England where I’m completely surrounded by them.

But we all have our relaxation spots. For most of you I imagine it’s a sun lounger or the beach. For those close to me it’s the sea or the local pub sat outside with a drink in hand!

But that is what is so great about a holiday, getting the opportunity to escape and do what we do best.

So what is your guilty pleasure?

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