What would we do without mobiles?

Well it didn’t take me long to realise I have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going in Slovakia. In fact not even 5 minutes before I’m removing my smart phone from my pocket.

I’m in a strange land where I’ve already realised there is very minimal English. Even on my flight I seemed to be one of the few with a British passport. I enjoy this, it’s part of the cultural experience. Getting completely lost and being surrounded by people that don’t understand you!

So I get Google maps out and know already that it’s going to be a bus followed by a ‘trolleybus’ to the hostel. Since it’s dark I’m aware it’s not the safest method of transport but with Uber out of action and me not being a fan of hopping in a random taxi (we all know how India ended) I decide I’m going to brave it and figure it out anyway.

I jump on the 61 bus and when I say jump I mean literally jump on it. I’m stood there thinking people were queuing to get on and pay but actually no they’re all just stood right by the road and actually you get on the bus at any of the many doors and if you don’t jump on quick enough it will leave without you! So I get on realising everybody is scanning their already purchased tickets and make my way to the front ready to pay, only to find that you can’t do that. Only option now is to sit there wondering when someone is going to come along and fine me. Oops.

As I’m sat on the bus I can’t help but feel that without a smart phone I would have absolutely no idea where I was going. They are literally life now. Especially now we can use our data roaming with no charge; don’t know what I’d do without it!

Following the GPS I jump off in the middle of nowhere relying solely on Googles Map knowledge then wait for the 205 trolleybus. No ticket again as I try to make sense of the machine and realise I have no idea what I’m doing.

39 minutes later and thanks to the power of technology and no brain power needed whatsoever I’m safely sheltered!

I guess now there really is no excuse not to travel the world when you can do it so easily.

What happens when my phone dies? I’ve not quite figured that part out yet..

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