Backpacking Europe Take Two

I can’t believe it was 2015 the last time I jetted off on a Eurotrip backpacking from one place to another.

I started in Estonia, sailed over to Finland and back, caught a bus down to Latvia then flew over to Norway. A very strange route i’m sure you are thinking but when the price is right and the locations are where I want to visit then I’ll hop just about anywhere!

If you’ve been following my travels for quite some time now then you’ll notice I always spend my birthday somewhere new. Well this year is no different.

This will be my first time backpacking alone for such a long space of time since my travels around Australia in 2016. I’ve always travelled for my birthday but normally I book tours so that I get to travel with people. This time i’m trying something different so I can finally visit one of my biggest Bucketlist items.

I’m finally visiting Salzburg!

Salzburg has been on my Bucketlist for quite a number of years because of my love of the movie The Sound of Music. My love for the countryside, scenic views and cycling. It ticks all the boxes in my eyes. So i’ve been mentally planning a trip for quite some time and being a budget traveller I always want to do it in the most cost effective way possible. Of course this also makes it a lot more fun – I love the planning part!

So where am I going?

Well, I start my journey in quite a random city for me – Bratislava in Slovakia. I know absolutely nothing about this place or what is there so if any of you have been before then any recommendations are of course welcome. I’ll be spending 3 nights here so plenty of time to get to know the city. A new country for me so will be interesting to see what the locals are like.


Next stop is on to Austria. I’m crossing the border by bus and hopefully if i’m lucky i’ll get a scenic journey. Either way, I love travelling by coach so I’m sure i’ll enjoy it even if I don’t see anything.

When I arrive in Austria I have 3 nights in Vienna. A new city again where I don’t have much of an idea what I want to see but i’m excited for my first few nights in Austria! I’ll then take the train across country to Salzburg where I’m spending 4 nights here. I’ve got quite a lot of things in mind for Salzburg.

I want to do a cycling tour and a visit to the local towns and mountains. If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

Finally I head over to Germany where I will start with 2 nights in Munich. I’ve only ever been to Berlin in Germany and it was freezing! So i’m excited to return for another taste of German beer and strange food. I’ll fly home from Nuremberg where i’m staying for one night. I was originally not going to spend any time here at all but after a quick Google search the place looks beautiful and definitely somewhere I feel deserves a bit of attention.

Another birthday to look forward to this year!
My route

Bratislava > Vienna > Salzburg > Munich > Nuremberg

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  1. Hope you enjoyed Salzburg! I just visited there myself and loved it, would like to return again for cycling like you said and winter as well – I was told they get a lot of snow and it looks awesome in pictures. The train journey from Salzburg to Munich is my favourite ever – just chill and beautiful countryside.

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