The local food of Slovakia

I’m not completely uncultured when it comes to travelling. Of course I am still a backpacker on a budget so I cook and eat cheaply where possible but sometimes it’s important to indulge too. Especially when it comes to tasting the local delicacies.

So I headed to Pulitzer. A restaurant close to Bratislava Castle with elegant decor and a nice shaded outside area.

I wanted to try a local dish so used what I learnt from the walking tour and went for something I knew would be something I could eat.

Bryndzové Halušky

Bryndza (Slovakian sheep cheese) potato dumplings topped with fried bacon.

Verdict: Flavoursome local dish definitely worth tasting. But possibly the saltiest thing I’ve ever eaten which is saying something coming from me!

I couldn’t actually finish it all and the salt was just too much for me! But I enjoyed trying it and aim to try at least one dish in each place I visit.

Do you try the local food? Or do you play it safe?


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