One Sophie – One Backpack makeover

Hello WordPress people!

I moved my blog over to WordPress from Tumblr not too long ago and I’m still getting used to it. I’ve just given it a revamp and i’m a bit happier with how it looks now! I’m still finding my way around WordPress and hoping perhaps some more of you WordPress regulars can give me any tips?

I’m wanting to easily add maps to my website that show where I’m heading on my trips and perhaps a static map that is featured on the website at all times with all the places I’ve visited in the world. Is this possible? Is there a widget for this?

Want the site to be a little more travel inspired so if you can recommend a good ‘travel theme’ that would be great too!

Stay tuned for more writing and more updates coming to my site. I hope to keep making edits until I have it looking the way I want it! Lots of trips coming soon for me to blog about also!

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