Day 9 – Crossing the border to Vietnam

Today we left nice and early to make the 4 hour journey to the Vietnam border. We did the journey with 2 toilet breaks so I spent my time watching the locals outside, the scenery and writing these blog posts!

When we arrived in Vietnam we had our lunch in the Mekong Delta where I had my first Vietnamese food. We decided to share a noodle dish and I had morning glory with garlic and rice. Morning glory is a mixture of vegetables over here.

After lunch we headed towards Can Tho where our home stay was located. We spent the night with a local family who cooked for us on arrival. They showed us how they make pancakes with no eggs but pork in the middle and a mixture of other dishes including pumpkin soup and rice crackers. It was very random but I tried everything and enjoyed the pork surprisingly when I usually stick to chicken.

Staying in the local home was an experience. The place had electricity and fans in the room so was wasn’t too bad however mosquitos love me so I’d rather not have to do this again. There were ants in the bed too so I’m covered in bites. As the rooms you stay in are partly outside I was woken up by all sorts of insects, scratching noises and my mind playing tricks on me. We slept under mosquito nets but you can’t help but feel there may be a spider crawling across your face sometimes!

There was no hot water so I enjoyed a refreshing cold shower before we played a Canadian version of charades which was fun. An interesting start to our first time in Vietnam.


  1. Nice post, sounds like a fun first day in Vietnam 🇻🇳 What’re you guys planning whilst you’re there? Hoping to visit in a couple of weeks 😊

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    • Hey Zac! I’m actually currently in the middle of importing all my blogging content on to my new WordPress site! So unfortunately for me my Vietnam trip is all over and done with as of last month! In the end we visited Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Can Tho. Some beautiful places! I highly recommend taking a Cyclo tour in Saigon! Great way to see the city 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions about anywhere!

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      • Ah sounds great, I think I’ll check that out! Love the sound of Saigon, looking forward to seeing Vietnam. Ah, I had to do a similar thing moving all my content over. Are you moving to your own domain? There’s a plug-in that works, but I found it didn’t work perfectly – there was still some adjustments to be made. How’s it going?


      • I’m moving all my content from Tumblr to WordPress which it has done however all my content gets no attention as it doesn’t show up in people’s readers but I guess never mind as I’ll just continue posting on here from now on! I’m still undecided on who to go to for a domain and theme actually! When do you head to Vietnam then, are you currently in Cambodia?

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      • Ah I see, make sure you use lots of tags to be visible. Then be part of the community to build up readership! when you post – your new wordpress content should automatically go to tumblr now. For domains/hosting bluehost or godaddy are the best ones and usually have good deals. Yeah we’re in Cambodia for the next 6 weeks volunteering. Already kinda looking forward to Vietnam 🇻🇳😐🤣


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