Day 8 – Trekking Sihanoukville

This was one of my favourite days of the trip. We started bright and early hoping that the weather wouldn’t be a repeat of yesterday. It had already rained but appeared to have cleared a little when we boarded the bus with our guide to head for breakfast.

The tour guides for this experience were really great. They spoke really good English but also were a bunch of jokers, one of them kept telling us silly jokes to keep us entertained throughout the hike.

We started by the rainforest with the tour guide in front holding his sword ready to chop down the branches if needed! I didn’t expect it to be a real jungle trek but it was and I loved it. We had to climb under and over branches and step over streams. We saw a few spiders, some poisonous and ants crawling everywhere.

After we made it through the jungle we found ourselves in a local village where we saw water buffalo, a lot of dogs, chickens and children. We even got to try the fruit and vegetables growing everywhere. I tasted the most sour thing I’ve ever tasted – definitely trumps tangfastics!

We entered a local school where they told us how the children learn the alphabet and how they have over 70 letters/sounds to learn, not like our 26. They also learn English for $1 per month as it is important for finding work outside of the village.

We continued our walk up a mini mountain again through the rainforest and down to the beach where we saw white crabs scurrying about and I got caught out by the tide coming in too fast!

After the trek we headed for a waterfall where we got to swim in the water here. It was so refreshing and me and my partner were the only ones who took a dive. It made me feel 100 times better as I was so hot before from the humidity.

The village where the waterfall was located actually prepared us a great lunch of bbq chicken skewers.. again. As we ate we were surrounded by dogs. It doesn’t bother me in villages as they tend to be pets and well groomed however the beaches in Thailand crawling with strays are a different story. Here we saw the cutest puppies all hiding under a hut. I wanted to take them home!

After our swim we got back in the 4×4 and headed up to a viewpoint where we got great views of the place. We also saw our fair share of cows all over the place! Cows look strange here.

We walked up a steeper hill to reach a golden temple where the monks congregate. We could hear them chanting from outside. The place is guarded by dogs however surrounded by monkeys! We didn’t want to get too close as monkeys are mischievous and also can carry diseases so I tried to keep my distance despite quite wanting some monkey selfies!

After hanging out with the monkeys it had been quite a jam packed day! So we headed back to the hotel then met for dinner to go to a pizza place. Our guide said they do amazing pizzas but truth is they actually do one of the best pizzas both of us have ever tasted! Was really impressed with this! Too much fresh chilli has upset my stomach again though so I really do need to avoid this going forward!

After dinner myself and Fiona (from Ireland who I hung out with on the first night of the tour) went shopping to get some bits as we knew this was our last day in Cambodia. We got what we needed then walked down the beach to find a bar with the best cocktails deal. We settled on a great little place full of locals and nice and quiet. We were quickly joined by a cute little Cambodian child who wanted to play games with us using jenga blocks. It was the cutest thing. I really enjoyed this experience hanging out with the family that ran the bar. The child kept wanting to show me random videos on YouTube and a zombie killing game he was playing. After he went to bed the owner of the bar let us choose our own music to play and after listening to Bob Marley for a while we all found ourselves singing the classic Wonderwall. The local owner knew all the words way better than myself! He even did impressions of the different British accents. It was really impressive how he noticed so much. He said I spoke good English unlike those from Newcastle! Haha

We had every intention to head up to the backpackers bar that the rest of the group were drinking in but as soon as we left we got distracted by a mini mart. Went inside for 5 minutes and as soon as we went to leave the heavens poured! The storm was so bad again but we knew we couldn’t stay in the store all night so we had no choice other than to brave it and look like drowned rats. As we ran through the streets we had many locals staring and laughing at us, it was quite a fun experience but I was definitely glad to get out of the rain and in to a shower before hitting the hay! Classic way to spend our final night in Cambodia!

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