Day 3 – Crossing the border to Cambodia

This was a very very long day. Made worse by sleeping in and making the group late along with my insanely bad hangover.

Today we were to make the 7 hour drive to Siem Reap via the border crossing. I actually have no idea how long it really took. I was so sick that all I remember is constant queuing for passport stamps and visa’s. It felt like forever.

For dinner however we had a good experience. We went to a local families home to eat dinner cooked by the family including some of the children that lived there. The children were previously homeless but had been helped by G Adventures and now had somewhere to live. They were a cute bunch of kids that Shawn enjoyed racing around the complex with.

We didn’t do much this day other than stop off for lunch, dinner and actually make it in to Cambodia. I don’t think I could have done much more though. We finished the night with an optional trip to the circus however we decided to hang out at the pool instead of doing this. Sometimes it’s nice to just have some chill time without rushing to do everything and making your body too tired.

Got in to Cambodia with no problems though and I now have a nice new visa in my passport, another page down!

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