Day 1 & 2 -Travelling to Bangkok

So we had a very jam packed day of travelling to head to Asia. It started with a train to Leeds from our home followed by a train to Manchester Piccadilly and another train to the airport. After this we then took a plane to Dubai followed by another plane to Bangkok then 2 trains to our hotel. So a rather long journey!

We were glad to reach our hotel at about 10pm Saturday night where we were happy to learn our hotel restaurant was serving 24 hours! After dropping our bags in the hotel room we took to the streets to explore the area nearby China Town. We found nothing but many many 7/11 stores where we stocked up on snacks. Love this store!We also saw many many rats! About midnight we decided to retreat back to the hotel and enjoyed a lovely late dinner. Shawn went for typical western food but I had my first chicken fried rice and it was really tasty. My fave back home too. Guilty pleasure for sure.

Day 2 – Bangkok / Meeting the group

Today we had the day free in Bangkok before we were due to meet the group at 6pm.

We started the day with a buffet breakfast where I found myself eating egg fried rice for breakfast. They do say.. Rice is life!

Shawn hadn’t been in a swimming pool for over 10 years so of course he was really excited at being able to get in the outdoor swimming pool. So refreshing in the unbearable humidity here.

I’ve been to Bangkok a few times now so with a free day to explore I really tried to think of the best places to take Shawn to see.

I decided to start with a walk to the Golden Mount which was one of my favourite things I did last year. Here you see views of the whole city and get to ring the bells as you walk up the mount. We were very hot from all the walking and it took a while to make it here so after we had done this we headed for the famous Khao San Road where we ate dinner. Shawn had his first local dish. Some form of noodles and spring rolls.

After this we headed back to the hotel excited to meet the group we would travel with for the next 10 days. Was really hoping for a good group at this point and luckily we did well! Our tour guide Charm outlined everything we would be doing for the next few days and we all got to know each other before heading for dinner in Bangkok.

For this dinner I decided to have Green Thai curry as I’ve always enjoyed it. I sat with Fiona from Ireland, Rory also from Ireland and we chatted about what we were doing on the tour. Fiona was also there for her 30th birthday! As a lot of the group hadn’t been to Khao San Road before I insisted they go there at night especially since we were only in Thailand for that day together.

It was a great idea in principle but one I would majorly regret the next day. I drank so much that night that I ended the night being sick on Khao San Road with a local lady who had been following us all night crying Sophie because she was so upset that I was sick..haha.

Great night though and one I won’t forget.

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