Birthday Bucketlist

I started travelling properly at the age of 19 and it was from this age I started seeing my birthday as a great excuse to do something exciting! I’ve continued that tradition ever since. My 20th I spent in Florida, 21st New York, 22nd I was saving to go to Vegas a few months later, 23rd Wisconsin, 24th Thailand and my 25th in Indonesia.

I stuck to America for many years and it wasn’t until I was turning 24 that I decided to start branching out to Asia. Ever since I began this tradition I’ve looked forward to my 2 weeks of travel every year making my birthday something to really countdown to.

This year I’ve decided to do something a little more chilled. Because I’ve already been around the world once already this year visiting Asia, America and Australia I figured it’s okay to take a break. I am however, still really excited for my 26th birthday!

This year I will be heading to Italy. I’ve visited once when I was 23 but only Rome. This time I’m staying in Pisa and visiting Florence over a long weekend. I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing some history again as I love exploring Europe.

The reason I’m blogging today is I can’t help but think about future birthdays. I have some real big trips that I absolutely would love to take and after hearing a friend talk about planning her 30th lately it made me think about mine.

I’m not 30 until 2020 but I’m sure that’ll come around so quickly I will wonder where the time went! I have 4 birthdays before then so it’s likely I’ll save something big for my 30th. Likely the place I want to visit most- China.

You can call me crazy for over planning, but one other thing I think about a lot… Is children. I know I want kids. I also know that kids have a big impact on the travelling you do, the costs, pretty much every aspect of your life. With that in mind, I want to really make the most of my next few years. I’m working again, I’m earning good money and I’m finally in a position where I can save to go exactly where I want to and with great company.

So I got thinking about all the places I want to visit. There are some big ones! I’m not saying I want to go to all of these places before I turn 30 or before I have kids.. Of course not. But they are definitely the bulk of my bucket list.

I’ve been missing writing lately so I’m going to start blogging about my bucket list wishes to get me motivated to travel again and excited about the near future.

So after Italy… Where next? 🙂

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