My Bucketlist – #1 China

For a long time China has been at the top of my places I want to visit. I’m not really sure why I have such an attraction to this country but the culture absolutely fascinates me. I guess little silly things have an influence on the way you see places such as movies and songs. The song 9 million bicycles in Beijing naturally makes me want to go there to cycle! Then there’s the movie Kung Fu Panda that I absolutely love which also makes me want to visit. One of my favourite Disney movies Mulan- set in China draws me in. The music, the people, the constant need to have everything in the colour red, the Chinese lanterns, the pandas, the martial arts, the language symbols and not to mention the food that I love.

This is obviously all a vision of the country built on fairytales and imagination and actually it’s probably nothing like this when you go. But there is only one way for me to find out…

I planned a route many years ago that involved starting in Beijing, visiting Cheng Du and ending in Shanghai. Ever since I mapped this out its been in the back of my mind. The problem is, it’s one expensive route. It’s time consuming and it requires company. Visa requirements are also very strict. China isn’t a place id like to travel alone and not to mention I’d want to experience it with someone anyway!

So ever since the planning I’ve had it in my mind that I’d go with someone, for 3 weeks, with a good amount of money and through a tour operator.

I’d need a lot of money.

So to me this seems like a once in a lifetime trip. One you’d take on a honeymoon perhaps? Only a honeymoon to a destination that entices only you alone is a little selfish. So this to me could be the perfect stop for my 30th birthday.

We shall see..

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