Travel Book Club!

This sounds super geeky but I’m sure it will be fun.

So I’ve decided to start my own personal book club (although if anybody would like to join in, feel free!)

I’ve felt a little disconnected from travelling lately and I think it’s because I’m not inspired to go anywhere currently. Australia was quite a bit of a let down and I think my big trip just lacked the adventure that my last trips seemed to do so well.

I’ve found a lot of comfort lately in reading about other peoples experiences travelling. Whilst I was travelling I read a fictional novel which I’m sure you’re aware of ‘The Beach’ always loved the movie so thought I’d give the book a try. It kept me glued to reading during my travels but besides that book I really struggle with reading as I need to be really hooked to make me pick up the book again.

This is where you come in. I’d like your suggestions on travel books that have inspired you or even just told a good story. I have a lot in my collection already and I’m making it my goal to try get through one each month. (That’s a lot of reading for me)

I’m reading one currently and I’ll post this in a separate blog post. Of course even if you don’t have any suggestions but are interested in travel writing then hopefully some of these books I am reading will also inspire you!

So tell me.. Any good travel books out there?

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