Hello Hawaii!

When I first got here, because of the jet lag, I spent day 1 sleeping a lot, wandering around Waikiki beach and just generally being a little bit all over the place. I took a walk from my hostel right over to the lighthouse at the bottom of North Head and it was such a nice walk. The streets of Hawaii are so beautiful and the houses are amongst the nicest I’ve ever seen! I took so many photos but they really don’t do it justice.

Because it was my first day, I had no plans and didn’t know where I was going. I was also super sleepy so I tended to wander a bit then keep napping on grass and beaches. It was nice and hot though, a change from the wind in Sydney that I left behind.

Whilst I didn’t do much on day 1, I started to wonder whether spending a week here was too long as it seemed like there really wasn’t much around the place. How wrong was I!

After my walk I headed back to the centre of Waikiki and watched a hula show. It’s so stereotypical Hawaii, exactly what you expect of the place it is! But it’s nice and very much paradise. I enjoyed watching the dancers and the live music. It’s so relaxing.

The next day, I slept a very long time. I found it really difficult to recover from the jetlag and my body was still feeling ill from whatever I ate in Sydney that has repeated on my stomach for the last few days. So yesterday I literally did nothing but talk to my boyfriend online. I couldn’t face going out of the hostel as I felt so run down, lonely and unmotivated. But I’m glad that I did!

I decided this time to turn left and head to Walmart as I knew it was in that direction and that I could stock up on cheap snacks! I had no idea that this was where Hawaii is really at.

The streets were so busy and lined with retailers, people everywhere and so much going on! Street performers, Hawaii themed things everywhere and music playing in all directions. It turns out my first day here I’d definitely walked the wrong way to a whole bunch of nothing. Whilst I didn’t really do anything yesterday but shop at the worlds largest open air mall then spend 3 hours in Walmart..yikes. I did discover that there is definitely more than enough for me to do here in a week!

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