Climbing Diamond Head Crater!

So I didn’t just climb the crater that begins at the entrance gates and takes 60-90 minutes. Nope, stupid me decided to walk from Waikiki beach to the entrance gates as well. Not only that but I also walked the long way around the entire crater and past the lighthouse.

The walk in itself overall took around 5 hours. Don’t regret it for a second though. One of my favourite days here in Hawaii so far.

The walk wasn’t particularly challenging. Whilst they warn you of the heat and the intensity, it really wasn’t anything compared to my climb of Castle Hill in Townsville- Australia.

I think this is because on Diamond Head Crater they have paths leading up the top spiralling around the hills almost like wheelchair ramps. So it takes longer however a lot less steep. With Castle Hill it was constant steep steps that really take it out of you!

Diamond Head however had some mighty impressive views! I loved even the trail up. It began with a path that went on to wind around the hills before leading to a dark tunnel. Once you got through the tunnel you continued up some very steep steps to the top. This lead to a spiral staircase that then took you to the lookout tower and fort you had to climb through to finally reach the top viewing spot. It was like a little adventure in itself!

From the top you could see all over Hawaii. You could see the other volcanos, Waikiki beach, all the resident spots, skyscrapers, the lighthouse and the amazing clear blue water.

I really enjoyed my visit to this national park and for an entrance fee of just $1 I’d highly recommend this beautiful trail! If you’re lucky like me you may even see some Hawaiian ferrets that roam the island and if you’re unlucky also like me you’ll get a tiny bird poo on your dress…

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