Sweating in Darwin, Australia

I’ve reached Darwin and I never want to move! I’m so comfy on this rooftop bar waiting for my free BBQ food..

Ahh but nah I do want to move really. The heat in Darwin is literally unbearable! Around 36 Celsius during the day and at night it just remains humid.. Even the pools are warm!

So I’m here for the weekend only and plans for the rest of my trip have been made!

I have now officially received a job offer. I will be remaining in the Northern Territory only heading back to the outback to work in the middle of nowhere in a roadhouse!

Wasn’t what I was expecting really but I applied for this job back in Sydney and I’ve wanted it ever since. It’s a great way of saving money as all my accommodation and meals are free! I even get my own room with a tv.. Pretty sweet!

So I will get my head down for 3-6 months and return to England with not only a lot of travel experience and bucketlist items ticked off but also with finally all my finances in check!

I just hope I enjoy it. If not well I still can’t complain when I receive my paycheck.. 🙂

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