The end of my travels…For now.

Today marks the end of my 6 weeks of travelling. Once I hop on that 14 hour greyhound to Tennant Creek today, I will be committing to ending my travels and beginning my period of work!

For the next 3-6 months I will be based in the middle of the outback surrounded by nothing but the people I work with and the customers I serve. There are no shops, no houses… No anything. It is literally a roadhouse on a highway, 100s of KM’s away from the nearest town. The good thing about this is, I can’t spend any money! I have nothing to buy. Except maybe the odd beer if I have a stressful day but since I haven’t yet received my bank card from Commonwealth, I can’t even access my wages anyway! Oops.

This will be a great way of saving money for me as I have a tendency to spend a lot on junk I don’t need and odd flights to new places. For the next few months of my life I’ll be grounded to one place only and that will be a whole new experience in itself for me. If I don’t like it, the positive I can look at is the wage I will save is more than I could ever save back home over the course of 5-10 years. And if I enjoy myself.. Well that’s a bonus!

So since it’s the end of my travelling I will reflect on my time here in my next post!

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