Well it’s my last day in my hostel today..

No hard feelings. I don’t really like my hostel anyway- it’s just a pain moving on!

Yesterday and today have just been about chilling really. With it being Sunday yesterday I didn’t really do much, grabbed the ferry over to Manly Wharfe and walked the 8km round trip to North Head. The views were nice only a little foggy.. And I got very jealous of the friends having picnics and wine at the top on the cliff 😦

Not only that, I broke my shoe that I bought in Thailand (cheap so just worn out) and I dropped my phone charger in the road and it got run over by a car 😦

So yesterday I was in a foul mood! But that’s what travelling does to you a lot.

I did walk around and see some lovely houses though. All I could think was this is a gorgeous place to live!

It reminded me of Neighbours haha not that I ever watched that but I remember the streets..

I also managed to catch the sun setting on Manly Harbour as I walked back down.

Today I’ve sorted my Medicare out so I get free health care. I’ve also finally sorted my cv out thankfully. If it wasn’t for Paige from Manchester in my room with her laptop not sure how I would have done it!

So today I have my consultation with the job board at 3pm and they can give me some feedback on what’s available hopefully.

I’m not really sure what I want to do work wise or where or if I even want to work and not just travel.. It’s a hard call but I’ll wait and see what happens.

Today I have plans to explore the harbour and gardens, take another walking tour and then head for quiz night tonight with my roommates but let’s see if any of that happens!

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