The backpacker style

Some of you may disagree with this as there really is no excuse to ever look scratty but for me, backpacking is the perfect time to get away with it!

If any of you have lived out of a backpack before you’ll know how hard it is to maintain looking great, feeling great and really just pampering yourself. Most of the time there’s no space to unpack so you are literally grabbing what you can to wear for the day. There’s rarely hair dryers, hair straighteners, enough mirrors for anyone, decent air conditioning and clean showers. So often, you feel completely gross even after you’ve just had a shower. Obviously this all depends on where you are travelling around. If in Europe you may feel fine but normally in Asia – expect to be a sweaty mess.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is- when backpacking – nobody cares what you look like! Half the time people are walking around the hostel in their PJs or their bikinis because it really isn’t a fashion parade.

What gets me is these girls that spend an hour doing their makeup here, you’re on holiday just enjoy yourself and be natural!

Whilst I backpack I wear clothes that I wouldn’t be seen dead in back home. I also carry what we travellers call a ‘daypack’ which is a small – not so cool- backpack that holds all the key essentials for the day. That includes but not limited to:

iPad, phone, sunscreen, scarf (for temples and sitting on), water bottle, purse, emergency charge pack, camera, snacks and sunglasses.

Back home I’d carry a tiny handbag holding only my phone and money- it’s just not like that here.

So when backpacking everything goes out of the window, you may want to look nice but a backpack and practical footwear doesn’t exactly do much for your image- but who cares!

I live in comfy shorts and a vest the majority of the time out here just because I can. I also let my hair dry naturally and I wear no makeup.

Not only that but I also nab any deals I can that will help me feel good – At Mardi Gras in Sydney the other night I got a bunch of Lush products for free so I can smell yummy πŸ™‚ I also buy second hand clothes or grab cheap clothes when I see them.

The backpacking style isn’t for everyone, if you’re high maintenance and you like your home comforts, hot showers, spa treatments.. The list goes on. Then maybe don’t stay in hostels as you never know quite what to expect until you reach that check in desk.

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