Mardi Gras 2016!

I was so lucky to catch this in Sydney this year!

When I booked to come here this week I didn’t actually realise it was on this weekend so I definitely picked a good week to come and glad I booked my hostel early!

This is one of the biggest parades in the world and with 12,000 participants I can see why. They said there was over 500,000 that attended to watch also!

I had such a great day- decided to meet up with a bunch of travellers from the couch surfing network. The meet up was for 2pm and I arrived at 3.30pm to allow me time for lunch. When I got there I was greeted by 3 surfers who I spent the whole day with and we were slowly joined by more and more people as the day went on! I’m so glad I went. Because of how early I met them I got me a front row spot and got to meet some awesome people!

Some of the guys bought vodka to share but I decided to save both my money and head and not drink and I still had a lot of fun. We took loads of pictures and cheered a lot. I also met Bryce the leader of the group who came along in his g-string and was interviewed on tv- I think a middle aged man in only a g string really attracts some attention. Ha.

Definitely the best night I’ve had on the trip so far and one of the best parades I’ll probably ever see!

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