Singapore – Day 1 – Marina Bay

I really should go to bed since its 3am and I literally walked for 11 hours today… It was amazing!

So despite David saying that Marina Bay was super far away from our hostel.. I still didn’t think it wouldn’t be manageable. Turns out it was only around 3.5km, I can walk that! So me and Andrew set off on our sunny walk, sightseeing as we go.

We stopped at a mall where he bought a new camera and small day back… He’s getting used to the backpacker way of life and what you actually need to travel with lol

We saw a lot of nice things on the way like great architecture. We also stopped over at a Thai place for lunch where I had the greatest chicken egg fried rice.. I love it, I could live off it!

When we reached Marina Bay we were literally blown away. The view is incredible. With the waterfront and the fact there is next to no tourists it was so peaceful and beautiful. The city is so clean and pretty to look at I was really impressed with this place.

We wandered around for a bit taking a lot of photos and getting sunburnt. Eventually we headed over the bridge and to the gardens by the bay which are free if you stay outside but if you want to head in to the greenhouses you have to pay. I hear they are amazing so I might check it out if I have any time or money left at the end of the week as its not first priority for me.

We walked around for a long time just staring at the beauty of the place. Apparently the park cost around 1 billion to make? Will have to check this is correct but it certainly looks this way.

We knew there was a light show on the giant trees to watch later on and a laser show on the Marina Bay Hotel waterfront so we attempted to time our visit with these. Definitely got this wrong though as we were completely in the wrong place to view it all, I’ll head back there this week sometime and watch it all properly. Was still beautiful to see the trees light up though.

After this we headed to the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Hotel where we were going to head for a drink but they had a dress code policy so we ended up just taking a few photos then heading back down to catch the MRT home.

It doesn’t sound like much in this post but today really was incredible, it’s just such a clean and perfect looking city. It’s like stepping in to the future and how you’d like your ideal home to look like.

I will definitely visit this part again just to walk around the gardens as it was so relaxing.

I really enjoyed today and feel like this has really marked the start of my trip! I’m super excited to see what the rest brings now.

Tomorrow we’re heading to a strange place called Haw Par Villa and there is a bunch of us going so I’m excited about it, should be good 🙂

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