How incredible is Singapore!

So I arrived yesterday evening not really knowing what to expect and with no plan whatsoever and no expectations. Everything has changed since then and now my week is so jam packed I actually may even need more time here than a week! But I shall make the most of the time I have anyway of course.

So it started with me reaching the airport and being greeted by such polite people. When going through immigration the woman said: ‘Sophie’ I said yes and she looked up then stamped me in… Perfect. No questions asked! Nice and quick too.

I then headed for the super efficient MRT transport system to grab my train to Lavender where my hostel is located. There were some more backpackers on my train who I thought might be staying with me but when they disappeared I figured they weren’t and I was going solo again. Walked a few minutes with my super heavy backpack.. I’ve clearly packed too much!

I got to the hostel and it wasn’t really what I was expecting. I was greeted by a bunch of footwear and a sign that says please remove shoes so it can be super Japenesy.. Not sure why. So I checked in and was secretly gutted how quiet and dull the hostel was. No kitchen and no bar 😦 But I headed up to the awesome roof terrace where I sat on my own for a bit just winding down from the flight, felt pretty groggy as always.

When I headed back down there was a guy in my room so I did the usual backpacker thing and asked him a ton of questions. Turns out he’s Andrew from New Zealand – Aukland, travelling solo and this is his first big trip and first time out of Australasia..He was very jetlagged but wanted to grab something for dinner so I agreed as I was starving too. It was then we met David also from Aukland but living in Singapore to work here for a few months. I met Andrew up on the rooftop where he was sat chatting to a man from Australia but part British. This man was super wise! To be fair, he talked a little too much but he was very interesting and full of great stories. Sometimes it’s nice to just chill and chat about life.

So me and Andrew then headed out for a wander where we felt was a good direction towards Little India, he wanted to try the fish head curry but it was super expensive. In the end we went for street food. I wasn’t sure what to get so I just copied and went all adventurous for once with pork and wontons.. It actually tasted pretty good! But it sucked for me because I have no idea how to use chopsticks and I failed miserably! Ended up wrapping the noodles around the chopsticks and using my fingers to eat them…oops.

After this we wandered around for a bit and went down a few alleys.. Ended up actually going down one we perhaps shouldn’t have been down full of lovely women that perhaps wanted Andrews business more than mine.. Haha this place is full of ‘massage spas’.

It was quite a fun little walk and after this we headed back to the hostel and i stayed up chatting with David, he told me a bunch of stuff I can do this week and I don’t know what I look forward to the most, all sounds amazing! I ended up staying up until 2am just planning things out.. And even now as I write this, it’s 3am and I’m wide awake! I did so many things today that I’m going to write it in a separate blog post as it deserves one 🙂

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