Goodbye Thailand, hello Singapore.

Just about to touch down in Singapore as I write this. Ears hurting like crazy on this flight!

I’ve had a great few days in Bangkok. Definitely saw a completely different side to it than I did last time I was here. Last time I stayed on Khao San road, so as you imagine, surrounded by backpackers and tourists meaning lots of nightclubs and cheap crap on sale. This trip I only walked by there and that was enough for me.

This time I chose to visit all the temples and see some Thai culture. Besides seeing the giant gold standing Buddha I also visited a small temple that had a giant sitting Buddha inside, it was a hidden gem that I only stumbled upon walking past and only a measly 20THB to get in. It was called — and I’d recommend visiting.

I also saw the giant swing which was just opposite on my walk to The Grand Palace. Worth walking just to stumble upon a few things!

At The Grand Palace there was so much to look at. It was magnificent. Ignoring the overcrowding an queues to get in it was definitely worth a visit. I didn’t realise you had to be wearing a tshirt to get in and so I then had to queue even longer to borrow one so make sure you take one with you- you can’t get away with just a scarf like in the temples.

It was a very hot day and so I felt quite flustered and dehydrated after the palace, I decided that rather than make the long walk back straight away I’d stop in a cafe for soda and ice cream. It was so humid in Bangkok, I hope when I reach Singapore that it isn’t as bad..

Finally before heading back for the boat I remembered to visit The Golden Mountain. So glad I did this as it was only 20THB and provided such great views of the city. It was also fun to climb the stairs and look at the decorations. I actually preferred this to The Grand Palace and it was 480THB cheaper!

You can visit this place easily by taking the boat down the canal, you can see the top of the mountain from the last stop on the canal.

My last night in Bangkok and I wasn’t sure where to eat so after looking around for a while I ended up in the same place I ate the first night! Oh well.. Sometimes you end up going for what you know!

Overall enjoyed my time in Bangkok but probably wouldn’t go back.. Think I’ve seen everything now finally but if I ever find myself in Thailand again then first stop… Chang Mai!

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