Australia – I am coming for you!

Well it’s been a long time coming. Many years of planning and yet it’s still come as a surprise with only a few short months to plan properly!

I’ve always known I would do the Australian Working Holiday Visa only I didn’t realise the right time for me to do it would land in my lap so quickly and so unexpected.

You can always try and plan the ‘right time’ to embark on the ultimate adventure but actually when the right time for you does come it’s quite likely to be something you didn’t see coming.

Recently, a series of events in my life resulted in me leaving my job. After careful thought and a lot of debating with myself it was clear to me that I have found the right time to go. 

So I applied for my visa, got accepted and now will be moving to Australia in March 2016. Before then I will continue to travel before leaving for the Ultimate Round-the-world trip in February of next year.

It hasn’t quite yet sunk in, nor have I had time to really think about what I’m doing and how big it is but all I know is that it’s happening and there’s no turning away now!

Stay tuned for my Asia plans en-route to Australia.

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