Day 6 – Waterfalls and monkeys

After picking up my second bacon sarnie of the week from the same place again we headed for Ubud further north of Kuta. On the way we were to stop at a waterfall. I had a lot of fun with the group here. We swam underneath it and took a lot of photos. I really do like the group and I’m glad I’ve got to be with a happy bunch of people that I feel I can have fun with. It made it all worth it.

We cooled off on the coach then headed for Ubud to check into our next hotel. This was was followed by what would be a visit to Ubud Monkey Forest but I’ll talk about that in a separate blog post!

After the forest we headed for the local markets. I spent way too much money. Not regretting it though as I’ve got a lot of the things I wanted for myself and more. But I need to stay away from shops and not buy anything more.

After this we headed to Maha for dinner where I had a spicy Balinesian chicken curry and a glass of the local wine. Enjoyed this meal also and the setting was like sitting in an oriental garden. I even saw two giant bunnies running around for some reason!

To end our night we headed to CP lounge for a drink. The lounge was so chilled we all could have fallen asleep. It was right by a lake and very open and relaxing. I ended up staying there way longer than everyone else just lying on the beds that cover the floors and taking advantage of the free wifi!

Tomorrow was sure to be busy and exciting so I hit the hay.

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