Day 7 – The day of first experiences

This morning I blogged about the children at the local school and the coffee tasting we did today. Just as I think it can’t get any better the day continues to surprise me.

After sampling the coffee we took a short drive to have lunch at an Indonesian buffet overlooking the active volcano in Bali.

What an incredible view! First time I’ve ever seen a volcano and it was even an active one! Interesting to see all the scorched trees below that have gone black.

After lunch we headed for the rice terraces to see how rice is made. It was quite the adventure walking through so many fields where they are growing rice. Such a long process but it feeds so many mouths. Next time I eat rice I will definitely think twice about wasting it!

Now I’m heading back to the hotel and as everyone is tired we’re having free time tonight.

Tomorrow we rise super early to head to the Gili Islands, very excited about that!

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