Coffee tasting!

Today I did coffee and tea tasting! I went to Manik Abian in Gianyar-Bali for a cultural and very interesting experience. The funny thing is, I don’t even drink coffee or tea! But I tried literally everything and now I’m converted! Actually ended up leaving with vanilla coffee, ginseng coffee and coconut coffee!

We were shown around the plantation and got to see all the different things growing naturally. Vanilla, papaya, pineapple, coffee beans, chocolate, passion fruit, mango.. It was so interesting to see!

The best part was learning how the most expensive coffee in the world is made by an animal called a luwak. It eats the strongest beans by picking up their scent then poops the beans out and they are then used to make the coffee only produced on 3 different islands in the whole world!

We also got to taste all the different coffees and teas! I downed the ginger tea as they say it’s good for your throat and my throat is sore at the moment. I also drank all the coconut and ginseng coffee as it tasted too good! We then tasted all the chocolate straight from the tree which was very bland and the finished product a little sweeter.

Really enjoyed this experience and such an eye opener to see where these things come from!

Any coffee loves dream I am sure.

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