Teaching children in Ubud 

Today has been incredible. 

Woke up bright and early to head to a local school in Ubud to teach children for the morning. Before reaching the school we stopped by the supermarket to grab lots of fun things for the children to play with and use like stationary, sweets and toys. 

When we got there the children were so happy to see us, we were greeted by dozens of waves and smiling faces! After entering the classroom we were asked our names and all the children would then say “Hi Sophie!” And wave. It was the cutest thing ever.

I started the morning sitting with 2 cute little girls about 6 years old with ribbons in their hair, absolutely adorable! We then began to teach the children how to say numbers. They got a prize whenever they were right. It was incredible to see how much the children would fight over a simple notebook. Made me quite sad also but I was overwhelmed by cuteness. 

After this we headed outside to play football with the children and play games in the sun. It was surreal seeing some of the young boys pushing the girls but the girls were super cute hiding behind bushes from the camera and sucking on ice lollies.

It was such an incredible experience and definitely a highlight of my trip to Indonesia.

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