Day 5 – I will never be able to surf

Today we headed to Kuta Beach for my first surfing lesson. I didn’t know what to expect but I did know I was a tad hungover and it was very hot! I’m not a fan of swimming and waves scare me but nevertheless I was still excited about trying this for the first time.

I did the lesson but soon enough it became clear I was not cut out for this. I couldn’t even get myself up on the board whilst it was on the sand! I enjoyed learning but ended up switching for a body board then as soon as I got in the water the waves were so strong I got scared and gave the board back.. Oops.

I did try my best though. I’m not a strong swimmer anyway and the waves scare me so instead I took the role of photographer and I think the group appreciated that. I should also point out there were many that didn’t even try the lesson so I did well for me!

After surfing we headed south for Padang Padang beach! I didn’t know anything about this beach so wasn’t too fussed but I heard that it wasn’t as good being there as it looked on the photos, I enjoyed myself though as it was the only bit of sunbathing I got to do without being sold something. I’m not a big fan of sunbathing anyway but was nice to just lay and relax.

After this we headed for one of the temples (will find out the name for it). We had to dress with purple sarongs wrapped around us as it was a holy place. The views were very nice and we saw a few monkeys about the place but I really didn’t think much to the temple. And in the sweltering heat with all the tourists it was pretty unbearable- wouldn’t really recommend.

That night we headed to a hotel for the most incredible meal. I’ve attached a copy of the menu to this post as it was unbelievable what you could choose for less than £10 and the beef steak with cheese tasted incredible. Definitely the best steak I’ve ever eaten. Amazing. The buffet for pasta, rice, sides and sauces was also unlimited! Live music aswell. I’d imaging you’d pay around £30 a head for a place like that in England. So glad I went here.

When I got back to the hotel my roommate was asleep and I ended up switching rooms so that took the rest of my night. I was ready now to check out the next morning and head to Ubud!

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