Day 4 – The total fail of a day.

So today was meant to be the day I explore the temples. Only waking up at 10am very hungover meant I’d missed the pickup. So I whatsapped James to let him know I was safe and had an awesome day actually just spending some time relaxing! Found a sandwich shop that made a great bacon sarnie and hung out with the surfer guys and went in the pool. Actually rather enjoyed myself to be honest!

After a few hours I jumped on a scooter to meet the group on Kuta beach ready to watch the sunset. It was very embarrassing walking into a group all sat on the beach in a circle with all of them wondering where I had been… Oops. But it was fine and I was very happy I didn’t go to the temples in the heat and with a hangover.

Finishing off the day I tried anther Indonesian dish but this time beef. It was actually amazing and I’m not a big beef eater. Very happy I tried it though as it was well worth it.

I love to try out the local dishes and especially Asian food since it’s always good. I’m very lucky to be a big rice and noodle lover.

This night was meant to be our big one but it was rather chilled. We drank a lot of vodka slushies then played a messy game of Jenga but overall it was quite a quiet night. It still ended in 3 of us on Kuta beach alone at 4am and as always ended the night with a McDonalds! But compared with the night before.. Not so wild. I guess people were rather tired!

Still a great day in Bali.

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