Learning to shoot..

I couldn’t resist signing up for this. A chance to hold a gun for the first time and experience what it’s like to shoot it.

One word: terrifying Three words: not for me
I shot a Glock 17, Kalashnikov AK-101 and a Franchise SPAS-15.

The Glock I enjoyed shooting – not so keen on the capsules hitting me in the face or going down my top and burning my skin!

AK was fine.. I was terrible with aiming it though.

Now the SPAS.. That was absolutely terrifying. In fact, I didn’t even use all the bullets I’d signed up for. The power just literally blew me away. I could barely hold the gun for starters, it was so heavy. And the force just frightened me. I’m so glad I experienced it as I can now wonder how an earth people shoot those things. I don’t even know what happened but I’ve bruised one of my knuckles from it aswell so I’m glad I didn’t fire any more bullets to be honest. Great experience though- no regrets!

During the shooting experience I also got to meet a bunch of English guys and the 2 Dutch girls I’d been out with the night before. So it was nice to do the shootings with some familiar people however I was the only girl firing the spas so I think they found it quite funny to watch me get pushed back by it!

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