So the last few days have been crazy. I’m currently sat on a plane waiting for engineers to come fix it before we can take off. Haven’t slept properly for a very long time and I have work in the morning! Not looking forward to that. It’s 9:15pm.. 45 minutes late already, looks like this is going to be a long night!

I’ve had so much fun in Latvia that it’s hard to remember everything that has happened since I last blogged on Friday. But I’m going to try so here goes..

Friday night – Bar Crawl.

I’d arranged to meet Wendy again at 10pm where the bar crawl would kick off from the hostel. As I got back from Costa quite late and I wanted to have a look at what I might do Saturday, I decided to just kick back in my room for a bit with some of the ciders that I nabbed from The Leeds airport premier lounge 😉 after a few drinks my Canadian roommate came back and we chatted about where she was going next. She didn’t fancy coming out so I headed into the common room alone and ready to meet people. When I got there, Wendy was sat playing cards with a bunch of English guys so I joined them. Everything gets a bit hazy after this point. I remember a LOT of shots! All multi coloured. Ring of fire and raspberry vodka.. I also met 2 girls that I’d seen on the walking tour earlier. One was from Conneticut and the other from England. After many many shots we headed for the first bar – our fave Australian Backpackers Pub! There we got a free beer – in my case cider… Pear cider I should add, my fave! Seems to be the standard cider in Latvia for some reason.

If I’m honest, I really don’t remember much of this night. I got pretty drunk.. Ha. I did have an awesome night though! I remember 2 clubs where we all danced and I met 2 girls from Amsterdam. I lost Wendy after the 3rd club. I then headed for McDonalds (again… It was the only place I knew how to find!) and I bought the exact same food I had the previous night. I was accompanied by a Brazilian guy whom his brother – I had met earlier. I remember finding it hilarious that one of them was called Hey nah do.. Not quite spelt like that but sounded like that! We laughed about it a lot for some reason. Anyway I now have friends in Rio.. So that’s cool. After McDonalds we headed back to the hostel and I realised I was wearing a random jumper that I had no idea who it belonged to. So I posted it on facebook and sure enough it turned out to be Wendy’s and she came knocking on my door at 6:30am to grab it before her flight! Don’t know how she coped with getting up, I was super hungover and slept until 10am.. Would have slept later but I knew I needed to get stuff done rather than waste a day in bed!

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