My last night in Latvia
After the shooting it was fair to say we all felt hungry. Obviously the tour ended with a free cider in the Aussie bar first but then we were ready to head for food. I tagged along with the 11 English guys from London as they were heading to a Latvian restaurant I’d heard was really good. 

It was a little bit weird being with a large group of guys that already knew each other but I sat on the end with 2 of them and we just chatted about travelling. They were all there on a weekend trip- one of them was assigned the organiser title and it was up to him to book all flights and organise the whole thing – none of them even knew where they were going until they got to the airport! I thought that was pretty awesome but I felt jealous as I don’t think I’ll ever have such a large group of mates who’ll just be spontaneous like that! It was a little bit like a stag do but with no stag!  We ordered our meals and the guys also ordered a banquet for the table, so much food! And so many jugs of beer! They kept playing drinking games aswell which involved throwing pennies into pints. Unfortunately they got me aswell which resulted in me attempting to down beer which I don’t like! I failed miserably and so I was forced to do another shot of that horrible Latvian balsam which just keeps cropping up everywhere! After dinner and drinks I was pretty ready to head back to bed and sleep off the night before.. Obviously that was never going to happen on my last night abroad!

When I got back to my room there was a new girl who had arrived. No longer just me alone anymore! Her name was Brittany and she was from Perth in Australia. She’d just come from Tallinn (where I’m heading in June) and she was travelling all around the world in a year. She said she was tired but after a few of my persuasion techniques she caved and decided to join me and the 11 guys on another bar crawl!

Somehow, we ended up in the hostel for a very long time playing games like Twister and drinking until the early hours before heading out. We had an awesome time though. Ended the night getting kicked out of a karaoke bar for stealing a plastic googly eye off of a poster… Only in Latvia!

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