Day 2.

I slept in pretty late just with how tired I was. It was fine though, didn’t have anything planned and my bike tour didn’t begin until 2pm.

I went into the kitchen where I met another Canadian, we had breakfast together then I headed out to find my bike tour. It turned out the starting point was pretty close by the colosseum so I ended up having lunch right by the landmark. It was really nice sitting there. Also super cheap, 10 euros for a drink, starter, main and ice cream! I’m really glad I found this hidden gem. Couldn’t finish all the pasta I ordered though, super huge portions!

Now it was time for my bike tour.. 21 miles for 6 hours! It was so much fun. There were 7 of us in total; 2 guides, a family of 3 from the US and 1 guy from Germany. I was really nervous before the tour thinking I wouldn’t be fit enough and wouldn’t be able to keep up but I was totally fine. The tour guide’s assistant even said I have strong legs cos I sped up the giant hill lol I only did that cos I can’t go slow up a hill or I end up rolling backwards :’) Then he saw me taking photos whilst cycling so he took my camera and took loads of me cycling. Felt like I was in the sound of music with the way the roads were lol

So on the tour we headed to the catacombs this was really interesting and spooky that this is where they used to keep the bones.. You could get lost so easily down there aswell.

We then cycled the appian way, that was really good but a very bumpy ride! Sometimes I felt like if I came off my bike down some of the hills.. I was sure to break a limb. It was kinda dangerous but I think we went faster because the riders in our group were all fit and good riders.

We then stopped at a farm where I saw dogs and tons of sheep all crowded in a pen 😦 but we tasted their cheese.. It was gross. Lol total waste. The vino did me well though.

After this it was time to head back to Central Rome. I can definitely say if I can cycle on the roads of Italy and the United States.. I shouldn’t have any trouble doing it in England! Don’t know why I’m so afraid.

So after a pretty tiresome day I headed back to the hostel feeling ready to do something more before bed. When I got in there was nobody in my room but I could hear a group chatting in their own room. I wanted to join in so I entered their room.. It was a mixed dorm after all and I was bored lol plus Fabio was in there so I thought it’d be ok. Met a guy called Brett from Georgia, USA and 2 girls from Canada. We got chatting about all sorts but mostly about travelling as usual. Brett was talking about the hostel he’d just come from in Paris which happens to be the one I’m staying at in August. He said the location is great so I look forward to that one now πŸ™‚ So we made plans to head out and watch the match. USA vs Belgium! It was going to be just us two but we managed to round up 6 more Canadians and off we went!

Searched high and low for a bar but it was impossible to find a decent one showing the game. Eventually we ended up buying beer from street vendors and watching the game in a giant square in the street. It was such an incredible experience I’ll never forget! Such good atmosphere and every time a team scored you’d get different groups jumping up screaming since the place is full of travellers. And I loved being able to cheer on the US with Americans. Sad they lost though 😦 They are my team after England since I’ve spent so much time there it’s like a second home.

Well after the game we headed to a random Scottish bar for free shots that tasted like pure orange juice. It was funny though cos we got lost and it ended up being just me, Brett and a Canadian guy we’d just met who had only just checked in. We were all so tired we skipped dinner and went straight to bed!

It was another great day.

I’ve had a lot of fun in Rome. Sad to be leaving in the morning but I have plenty of reasons to come back since there is so much I haven’t been able to fit in. I’m sure I will do Italy again at some point and hit all the major cities!

Tomorrow I’ll add some details about today and the food tour I went on but for now it’s time to sleep, up in 5 hours for my flight home!

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