Just sat in the airport writing this to stop me from falling asleep and missing my flight!

It’s such a small airport and I’m so hungry but there’s only a really busy sandwich shop. Can’t wait to just sleep on the plane then grab a subway sarnie as soon as I land.

So about yesterday. I got up quite early as my food tour was due at 11am and it was over 2 miles away from the hostel. So I had quick breakfast with Brett then jumped on the metro to the bottom of Rome. Got off at Pyramide where like the name there is a giant pyramid outside of the station. Followed my directions I wrote down and actually ended up getting to the tour 30 mins early.. I was so hungry but didn’t wanna ruin the food tour I decided to just grab a snack. Bought a Nutella filled doughnut, it was so good but so sickly!

Our tour was led by an Italian American from Philadelphia but living in Rome. He was cool and somehow managed to remember everybody’s names even though there were 14 of us on the tour! A few from America, Holland and 2 from England. I got chatting with the family from Amsterdam.. They’d cycled all around Europe so I found that really interesting and a tempting idea..

So we headed to various places on the tour, I tried some right weird stuff that I’d never usually touch! Even tried the salami and bruschetta. There was also this corn thing with cream in it, tasted like dessert but the cream was actually cheese so it felt a bit gross to eat lol loved tasting the tomatoes with garlic though, Italy really know what they’re doing with food!

We also headed for a meal in a restaurant where we got 3 types of pasta and vino. It was really nice to have a sit down meal and it was literally underneath a rubbish tip.. The way he put it was ‘we are eating in a dump’. Really strange but the tip we were sat under was lots of terracotta pieces piled on top of each other and the restaurant was naturally cold because the pot would stop the heat from getting in.

After this tour I headed to the local cemetery by the pyramid just to sit on the grass and work out where I would head later. Looking at the map there was way too much I needed to see and not enough time. I ended up walking around the entire city over 6 hours. Got to see most things but not the way I would have liked to since the Vatican was closed and Trevi fountain is being maintained but it was just nice to wander.

My highlight was walking along the river past all the little stalls and the bars. It was such a relaxing environment.

I think looking back I could probably have done with about 2 more days. I really wanna visit the Vatican and spend more time at the imperial palace.

Such a pretty city I will never forget and definitely one I will revisit in the future!

Visiting Italy and staying in a hostel where the majority of people there are American, Canadian or Australian and all doing euro trips.. It makes me wanna travel. It’s definitely got me in the mood to plan another trip. I’d love to do a euro trip but I think with it being so close it’s very accessible. So for now I’m going to concentrate on Asia and other countries further afield.

So my plan as soon as I return to England is to get plotting! I have a very good idea of the route I want to do, now I just need to save and plan!

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