A little overdue but I think it’s worth a write up.

Day 1 in Italy

So I arrived in Roma Ciampino airport where getting into the country was incredibly speedy. Hopped on a coach to Termini station and from there I would take the metro. First thing I could think when I got off the coach.. Wow this is a lot more foreign than I was expecting, where do I go!? I don’t ever expect everyone to speak English but I was very surprised at how little English there is around, it was a bit challenging just finding the metro and I couldn’t help but think I should have learnt a few Italian phrases lol

Finally made it to the metro and hopped on to the nearest stop by my hostel. Ended up struggling to find it and obviously had to head to McDonalds to steal wifi to work out where I was going. Turns out you need a credit card to use the wifi and mine wouldn’t work so ended up just wandering and guessing where the hostel could be lol. Noticed a few Canadians with backpacks and voila found it!

The hostel is very strange. I can’t really comment since I’ve never stayed in a European hostel before but it’s so different to those in the US! It’s basically just a guys apartment converted into a hostel but it’s very cosy and such a great atmosphere!

So as soon as I arrived at the hostel I got chatting with 2 Canadians. One was from French Canada and the other Vancouver. We headed out to the colosseum together where we walked for miles, around it several times then throughout the grounds of the imperial palace. We also got Geleto! I was so tired by the end of it but it was incredible to see, so fascinating and breathtaking. I’m really impressed by the beauty of Rome.

After this we headed back on the bus to be greeted by Fabio, our host at the hostel, and he made us all pasta. Spaghetti with chilli oil, it was really yummy! It was at dinner that I met Maebh from Ireland.

Maebh was really great to talk to because she had done a lot of the things I hope to do. She’d done the working holiday visa in Australia and just finished teaching English in Italy. Not only that but she’d gone through the same company based in Leeds that I’m going through for my TEFL and she’d taught in Thailand!

So we decided to head out for drinks nearby the hostel, it was not as easy to find a bar as we were hoping. Eventually we found a cafe that served alcohol and cocktails.. Great! But not so great.. Ordered strawberry daiquiri and out came a drink that was white with strawberries in it! Convinced it was just pure rum! Blehhh couldn’t even drink it and even sent it back twice lol eventually ended up with some new drink that gave me a headache. We had a good laugh though, the owner was so creepy… He stood right behind Maebh just staring at me then came over and put his hands on my ears and kissed me on the forehead, then everytime he walked past he would stroke my face lol pretty strange. He was about 70 aswell..

It was a great first day and all I could think in the end was.. I can’t wait to get into bed.

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