Travel pieces

This is my travel Pandora charm bracelet. I thought I’d post a photo up as today I finally got another Globe clip after they’ve been sold out for so long.

This bracelet purchase came about when they released the globe charm whilst I was in America. I thought.. I should buy a charm in every country I visit! So I’ve only had the bracelet since September 2013 but I think it will get pretty full eventually.

It is my travel charm bracelet and I wear it every day 🙂

The two globes represent two continents. Europe being my home and North America being my second home. By second home I mean, it is the only other continent I have ever lived in, it is the place I have had my most memorable experiences and the place that some of my dearest friends live.

The taxi was the first Pandora charm I ever bought. I bought it from a jewellery store on 5th Av -The first time I ever visited New York in 2011.

The maple leaf I bought last year in Canada when I crossed the rainbow bridge to get the best view of Niagara Falls.

And, the dog I bought in Prague. I wasn’t sure which charm to get for the Czech Republic but after reading about the amount of dogs that live in Prague I figured I’d go for this one. It reminds me of the city too because of how many dogs I saw walking the streets.

There are a lot of country specific charms so I’d recommend collecting to any traveller that wants a nice keepsake. If I bought all the charms that represent the countries I’ve visited already then mine would be full..But I don’t want to do that. I want to visit each country and buy it from there. I like to see how different the location is every time I go and behind every charm I have a memory of trying to find the store..

On top of this bracelet I also have another one that I can’t say I wear too often because it’s so full.. Special occasions only 😉

The bracelet is the Pandora I began originally in 2011 back in New York for my 21st. It started off as my travel bracelet until I realised how often I was visiting the United States.. It soon became way too full to fit a lot of countries on it so it became my 50 states bracelet 😀 It will never fit 50 on it.. but let’s face it I’ll probably never visit 50! My memories of trying to find the Pandora stores in each city is one of my favourites.. Mostly because half of the time I had no idea where I was going and I saw the beauty of the city by wandering around. My best memory was trying to find the Pandora in Washington D.C and soon realising I was now in Virginia State and in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain.. Wasn’t what I was expecting but at least I got to see a state I never would have visited otherwise.

Even if you’re not a jewellery person..Find something that will take you off the normal path. I met an Australian that tries to find the library in every city he visits. He says he can tell a lot about a place by their library. So try it!

What do you collect from your travels?

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