When reality kicks in

My gap year began in May 2013 and between then and now I’ve literally had the best time of my life. My gap year took lots of planning and lot’s of daydreaming during classes at University. I couldn’t have been more excited for it.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.

I never had a time scale for it since a gap year never really has to be exactly a year. So when I set out to the USA in May, I went with the idea that I’d just wing it for as long as I possibly could. Whilst I was earning money out there, I used my wages to contribute to more trips. I booked a trip to Florida for October and a trip to Czech Republic for November. It felt like it never ended, I was constantly on the move and loving the experience.

Eventually, the average graduate runs out of money. What do you expect when you’re funding the whole thing yourself? 

So when an opportunity to earn some money and start the next chapter of your life comes along.. You can’t help but take it.

In December 2013 I was offered a job in the exact location and field of work I was looking for a position in. I started my new career last week and it is my first professional position since graduating. It is also the first time I’ve felt completely in my comfort zone and proud that I’ve managed to achieve this for myself.

It has it’s ups and downs. The ups are the obvious factors: I’m no longer an unemployment figure, I’m earning some money finally and I’m heading in the right direction to support my future.

The downs really only come about if you’re a traveller. I can’t help but feel there are so many more things I want to see out there. I haven’t even completed my TEFL qualification and it lies lonely on my computer waiting for me to begin.

But, with the situation I’m in, I look at it positively. I’m very happy and also excited for the future. I love the job so far and I now finally have money to put away to fund trips to all those amazing countries I’m dying to see. 

Whilst my gap year has come to an end, the adventures haven’t. I will still be visiting a new country in February for Valentines day with my partner. On top of this I’m also plotting my birthday plans for August and still trying to get the funds together for a trip to South Africa with my grandma.

My desire to experience volunteering abroad is so high that I don’t think I will reach 30 without doing it. I’ve even had conversations with my company about sabbaticals. Obviously we’re in early day’s right now but knowing what your options for the future are is always important. Whilst I want a career eventually, I don’t want to get older and wish I’d have done the things I really want to do. Because after all, you can have a career any day (your qualifications aren’t going to disappear) but you can’t head off for a couple of months at a time when you have commitments.

So, those things I desire the most:

– Teaching English as a foreign language
– Obtaining a working holiday visa for Australia
– Volunteering to work with animals

So stay tuned if you still want to hear about my travelling and see if I ever do cross those things off my bucketlist. 

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