I have a question about money. I’m doing Work America in Summer 2014 and was wondering how much would you recommend to take with you? Also how did you get to your money because I know some ATMs charge on debit cards? So how would you recommend taking your money? :)

Hey! Money was a commonly asked question for all of us and everyone chose to do different things. You do need to take a minimum of $600, this is to satisfy the visa requirements.. However I think it’s best to take more. Some people lived off that but because you don’t always get paid until at least 4-6 weeks after you start work.. You need something to live off. I prefer to be able to enjoy my first few weeks and because I went travelling I actually took around Β£2,000 with me. If you’re just going straight to work you’re probably going to be fine with around $1000 πŸ™‚

As for money I took some cash, I also put a lot of my money on the Sta Travel Cashcard. You could get yourself a cashcard from anywhere like a travel agents or the post office but I honestly prefer Sta Travel’s. The reason for that is because the Sta Card is a prepaid MasterCard. Any money you put on it stays in Β£s but when you use the card abroad it converts to the countries currency with no fee’s. It uses the rate of the day. It’s great because you could top it up with loads of money and if you don’t use it all in America you can always use it in another country after instead of just trying to spend all your dollars. On top of that you can spend it in the UK too with no fee’s. As for getting cash out.. I’ve never found a card that doesn’t charge you. I usually just use cards to pay for things though and instead use my wage for cash πŸ™‚ and if you are wanting to use your debit card.. Tbh you’re probably going to be better using a credit card and paying the bill every month because credit cards are usually protected for fraud, accepted everywhere and charge lesser fee’s πŸ™‚

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