Anyone who knows me personally will know I have a bit of an obsession with money boxes. I’ve been wanting a pot of wishes for a long time now and I finally found this perfect one yesterday. I love it!

A pot of wishes is a money box that fits more than 500 £2 coins in it. It has to be broken to get the money out so if you fill it with £2 coins, when you break it, you will have over £1000!

I’ve been saving £2 coins for as long as I can remember. I’m so obsessed with not spending them that I even have a spare pouch in my purse that holds any £2 coins I’m given as change. I don’t spend them even if I am desperate to buy something and have no more money! The best time is when someone gives me 5 £2 coins instead of a tenner for change.. I still put them away.

This time last year, I opened my previous £2 jar and it paid for my entire trip to Scotland – hotel and travel. I’d only been adding coins to the jar for around 8 months.

I’m not entirely sure what my pot of wishes will pay for but since it will probably take around 5 years to fill it, I can imagine it’ll probably be spending money for one of the big trips like China or Route 66. Only time will tell!

It’s a very easy way of getting spending money together. So next time you are given a £2 coin, put it away and you’ll be surprised at how fast they build up.

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