Hey. I’ve been following your blog all summer since we talked on the student zone. I’m so glad you had a great time. I’ve just paid my deposit and am checking out the job zone. How many jobs do they get on there? Because right now there’s only 15, will they get more?

Hey there, thanks for reading about my adventures this summer! It was amazing and great to see you’re going for it. Last year I’d say there were around 100 jobs on there. A lot of them remained the same all year as they tried to fill positions but sometimes Bunac would also remove and add jobs too.

I have noticed however, that Bunac have changed the application process this year and you can now opt for the job zone option or the guaranteed job option. I’m not sure if this change means that there will be less jobs available on the job zone unfortunately. If you are interested I know that Bunac are doing some travel talks through Sta Travel over the next 2 months so it might be worth going to one of those to see how things have changed 🙂

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