Before I came to Niagara Falls I was dreading it. I thought 3 days would be way too long to stay here and after hearing how bad the New York side was supposed to be I really didn’t want to go.

Turns out, Niagara Falls has been one of the highlights of my trips. 3 days has been the absolute perfect amount of time to spend here.

Day 1 I was tired, so it was about exploring the place and planning what I’d get done the following days. I also went onto the observatory and walked around the lake gardens.

Day 2 I started with the aquarium. Whilst it was the smallest one I’ve ever been in, I loved the sea lion show. Never thought a sea lion clapping could make me laugh so much. I also went to see the seals everyday, sometimes more than once a day.

After this I decided to make my trip to Canada. I was really excited to visit a new country (first time I’ve visited one since France in 2009!). Whilst I think Canada is most likely beautiful all over, this part – Niagara wasn’t the greatest representation of Canada. It was very tacky. Much tackier than the American side of Niagara. I did notice that the people were very friendly though and luckily they all accepted my USD since I didn’t have any CAD.

I spent the day walking around, eating a lot since there are barely any food places on the US side. I also walked down to the end of the falls which was definitely worth it. It was so close to the horse shoe falls that I actually, for too long, thought it was raining. I’m so dumb! But I soon realized it might just be the spray.. It was heavy though. I also saw the rainbow across the falls which was beautiful, never thought that the sun and falls create that everyday.

I ended my time in Canada the same way I started it – in Wendy’s. then I headed back for the border.

You might have read a few weeks back that I wasn’t going to enter Canada and I cancelled my entire trip to Montreal and Toronto because of visa issues. I actually managed to go for the day this time because I was able to ask th guys before leaving the country. They said people do it all the time. When I came back to re-enter he didn’t even stamp my passport or look at my ds2019. I thought border control was supposed to be strict? I’m not even sure what status I’m in the US as anymore, J1 or tourist? The guy wouldn’t tell me anything except that the server was down so he couldn’t access my electronic I94. But never mind, I leave next week so I can’t overstay anything even if I’m back on j1 I’ll be out before the 30 days are up.

When I reached the US again I watched them illuminate the falls. It was a bit disappointing because the view from the us side isn’t good enough to see it lit up properly. I wish i had of just stayed in Canada that little bit longer!

Day 3 I stayed in New York and decided to do all the things I had left on my discovery card. A bargain at just $33! I started with The Maid of the Mist boat ride. This took me all the way into the horseshoe falls, as close as we could get. I got absolutely soaked because I stood on the edge of the boat. It was great! Luckily I had my free poncho on though cos it was like taking a refreshing shower.

I saw the Niagara IMAX movie which is definitely not worth 10 bucks but luckily it comes free with your discovery pass. It showed off all the stunts people have done related to the Niagara Falls. I can’t believe people have walked tight ropes across it and a woman has even gone over the edge in a barrel.. Stupid people. A boy has even survived a fall down them with only a life jacket and after feeling the force myself I don’t know how he managed that one.

Next I took the trolley over to goat island where I did the Cave of the Winds attraction. This involved changing into sandals and putting a new poncho on. They’ve built stairs and a platform for you to get as close as possible to the American Falls. I saw another beautiful rainbow and I could even see the way it joined, it was a perfect circle!

I went right up to the hurricane deck which is the closest you can get to the falls. I honestly couldn’t breathe the force was so powerful. It’s scary how someone managed to survive that. I got soaked again and couldn’t even see- there was so much water in my eyes. Great experience though.

I had a great time at Niagara Falls. I’d definitely recommend the American side over the Canadian one because its a state park and there’s more to do. The Canadian side however is a better place to stay- safer and more things to do at night/ food places. The Canadian side also definitely has the views. I’m glad I got to experience both sides.

Now I’m heading to Boston and I have nothing but a bike ride planned here. Let’s see what new things i find to do..

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