Boston bed bound

Since arriving in Boston yesterday evening, things have not exactly been fun.

So I got to my hostel and it was quite late on, about 5pm. Even though my flight was only around an hour, it jut seemed to take the entire day with transfers and airport time..

But anyway I got to check in and my worst fear became reality – my card with all my money on was declined. And so they tried it again… Declined again. Now the only thing I could think of was that me using it in Canada had brought up a red flag. So before I called my bank, I checked my balance online.. Of course, the money had come out twice!

So they let me check in and said they’d resolve it in 24 hours. I went up to my room and my bed wasn’t made 😦 so I locked my stuff in then went to the toilet. Tried to get back into my room and my key wouldn’t let me back in. So once again I went down to reception..

They told me they’d received no payment from me so I had to ring my bank. Luckily the bank answered straight away and told me it was because the hostel didn’t input my zip code..

Anyway all sorted – payment went through finally.

Next up was the pub crawl. I wanted to go on this cos I thought it would give me an instant chance to see the city and meet people. Unfortunately it turned out to be really bad. It just wasn’t well planned. We left without a chance to introduce ourselves and the ‘pubs’ chosen were so loud there was no way of even being able to talk to each other. I ended up sitting outside with a guy from Dublin. We were pretty bored. What didn’t help was the incredibly expensive but weak drinks! Weakest amount of vodka I’ve had on my entire trip and the most expensive price I’ve paid! The bouncer told me that all the bars in Boston are incredibly expensive because of the high price of rent there and also happy hour doesn’t exist.. So I won’t be going to the club night that’s running tonight! Just can’t afford it now that I’m getting to the end of my journey I’m running low on cash too.

So at the end of the night we left early to go to Wendy’s only to find it closed…great. Not the best day..

But unfortunately today wasn’t much of an improvement.

I woke up early because the girls next to me have never stayed in a hostel before and so don’t realize what the rules are or how to respect that the rest of the room are sleeping. Once I’d woken up I couldn’t sleep through their talking and rustling around. I think this set the mood for the day.

When I actually got up I realized that I could barely walk without pain. Turns out I have a lump inside my thigh which just got more uncomfortable as the day went on. It’s right on my inner thigh so I can only walk with a limp which doesn’t look good..

But I set off to visit Harvard anyway. It was an hour walking tour, it was again.. Pretty boring. But I got to visit the law school and pretend to be Elle Woods for 2 seconds lol. The campus is very pretty.

After this I started the 3 mile walk back to my hostel, usually no problem., takes about 50 mins. I set off at 1pm and I arrived at the hostel at 6:30pm.

Yes, it took that long!

Not because the route was wrong or anything but because I had to walk super slow and would take a break on practically every corner because of my leg 😦 I don’t know what’s up but I bet it will just disappear by tomorrow because I always have random problems that just go away with no explanation.

I can only hope it goes because the bike tour I have booked for 10am will not be fun if I can’t cycle!

So tonight has been quite productive in the sense that I’ve been able to sort all my luggage out ready for leaving next week. I also managed to do laundry which takes a long chunk of time. I’ll get an early night too ready for tomorrow.

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